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Suggestion: Intergration with AddThis for sharing content

The Old Man

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Would it be possible for IPS4.x to include integration with Addthis? They have a dashboard where you can see your Sharing activity and stats. Possibly this sort of data/info will now be included in the Stats functionality for 4.2.


They seem to have Developer documentation and API's.





Dashboard example:


Many thanks :)

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apologies for bumping this, but have the same question and found this topic through google. 

Yes, we can just include the addthis javascript snippet in our GlobalTemplate, but would indeed be nice to have a plugin for this indeed.

*edit* and addthis.com offers a lot more features than plain simple sharing content. So it ain't bloatware, it's a toolkit must-have for every kind of site with features that can be done elsewhere / differently but would require atleast 10 different plugins without addthis. 

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