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How to get rid of round avatars?


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I want our avatars back to the square ones on my site. I had 150 x 150 set for some usergroups and 100 x 100 set for other usergroups in my old 3.4.6. Now with the latest version...they are hideous being round and I don't see a setting for it.

Can anybody help with this please?

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There is a setting for this. :) Its in the theme settings rather than elsewhere which may be why you did not spot it. :)

ACP > Customisation > Themes > Click the 'pencil' type icon on the right of a theme to edit it > Click the 'Custom' tab at the top of the list of tabs > Turn 'rounded photo's off > Scroll down and save

Repeat for other themes you have installed as appropriate.

Quick pic:



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