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country ip block ?

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my forum is getting  loads of unwanted traffic from Russia and I am currently showing 39000 guests, whats the best way to block the whole country

the amount of unwanted traffic is causing my ibf_sessions table to fill up, I am using ipb 3.4.9

Any help would be appreciated


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Hi :)

Blocking a country for this is a bit aggressive for me .....

Most of the times that kind of traffic don't use valid user agents and that's very easy to block it using Nginx....

But if they use a valid user agent you can rate limit them to connections and requests using Nginx...

Next solution as you may want to block a country is to use Cloudflare and let them do the dirty job by enabling the related setting and you will save also your server resources as you will receive only the clean traffic.

At the end if you want to use csf firewall you can edit it at the CC_DENY = field by adding for Russia the option RU and then restart the csf firewall...

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