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I think it may struggle if the filesystem data is on a different box as I'm not sure it can read remotely. I need to mention I'm not a support tech however.

Can you temporarily transfer the attachment directories to the same server (in a temporary sub dir of the IPS one) as your IPS Suite is in ? That way there won't be any 'cannot find' issues. :)


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4 hours ago, Alex Hamilton said:

Path to the Phpbb3 Attachment

If my memory serves me correct, Ipb 3 puts the attachments in the files directory. So it must be something like this:


But to make sure, try this. Create a file called attachmentpath.php and enter this as the contents of that file:

echo dirname(__FILE__);

Then upload this to the directory where your attachments are in phpBB, and then navigate to it in your browser. Copy the path that shows up there and paste it to the appropriate field in the Ipb converter. I hope it helps.

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