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Calendar Event Signups


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Was wondering if it's possible to setup the calendar to have a reoccurring event that I can have people signup to... but it only signs them up to that event and not every single one that happens?

Not sure if this is even possible but really hoping it is, using the calendar as a thing that I can have users indicate if they're coming to a weekly event would be great... but is a pain when they sign up for one it signs them up for all.

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Hi. So I've just come across this and it's indeed very limiting. The inability to respond to a single (of many) recurring events, plus the inability to delete just one in a string of recurring events, is problematic.

I assume there is no workaround, plugin, something... that would make this possible?

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2 minutes ago, bfarber said:

There's no workaround, no. I am unaware of any plugins that add this functionality.

Hi. Thanks for responding. So, I have found a way around it. I'll explain in a moment. But first, frankly, does it make sense to have recurring events with an RSVP functionality that is not tied to the individual events? I realize that in the tables, the recurring event is only 'one' entry, but that needs to change someday. It's mission critical for people who actually use RSVPs in multi-occurrence events.

So, having said this, I have found a temporary workaround – for myself - using Adriano Faria's Calendar Enhancements app. The trick is to get people to RSVP for the very next event, then use his app to 'delete' all previous attendance once the event is past. That means that you can start the next meeting/event with a clean slate. The only problem with this approach is that you cannot have someone rsvp for a future event, only for the very next one.

In short, this is one of those features that are actually counter-productive in an otherwise magnificent suite!! I love IPS but .....

One last thing, this limitation obviously means that one cannot delete a single occurrence, it's all or nothing 



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