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Youtube Channel stream

Ramon Mol

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Hey Guys,

Quick question. I want to create a block on my Page that shows a (or more) Youtube Channel(s). 

I would like a horizontal grid of 4 tiles, which will be updated automatically when a new video has been added to the channel. 

Is there some sort of manual i could use to find out how i can create it? 

Cheers in advance


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Although these suggestions are full-fledged video apps to upload content to, not a simple block with a YouTube channel as source. 

The Pages app can create blocks which are automatically updated from an RSS feed and that feed can also be a YouTube channel RSS feed. I use that myself. However, it just creates plain text links with the video title by default. No thumbnails, no players, nothing. That data isn’t made available in the block by default. 

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I have the same question and wonder there is an option to

  • automanage feed from youtube with embeded videos in newly created posts, not just text links;
  • make videos embeded in regular rss stream to be pasted as playable peace of code, not just text links.

I am really upset with this leak of functionality :(

Did someone resolve that?

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