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Easily adding members to groups.


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Is there a simple way to add members to a group?  

Is it possible for members to request access to a group and then be approved by other members of that group?  (Like Facebook groups) 

Or, how can I set it so a member of a group can have access to add other members to that group but not get full admin powers, or not be able to see what other groups are available.  He could only access that one group.  

I want to have a way for users to manage and maintain their own groups without needed admin/moderator intervention other than the original set-up



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I think so too!  

On some other boards there is at least a page where a user can request access to a group.  then admin can approve with 2 clicks (one in the email notification, another on the page) 

I'll check out that link.  Cheers

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