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Is there a skinning/theme color guide for v4?


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Hi, I upgraded from v3 to v4 and am trying to customize the colors from the default color skin.  The default IPB ACP editor isn't as helpful as I would like .. for example it's not clear in saying which color updates the title bars on the forums, sidebars, etc.  In past IPB versions there was a very detailed theme/skin guide which had screenshots and arrows pointing to exactly which sections of the invision product would change based on the values entered, etc.  Is there any such guide out there for version 4?



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8 hours ago, JTrollerb123 said:

The only theme I have listed is Default.  But I dont see the wand .. just the arrow brackets.  How do I get the wand?

Not a good idea to make changes to the Default IPB Theme ... if something goes wrong then your forum is not usable until problem is fixed whereas if create another theme and make changes to that and if a problem then can always set the IPB Default theme to be theme for members to use while you figure out and solve problem with the other theme

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