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I'm sure Commerce will have its day in the sun soon enough, but I've found myself in need of some feed blocks, so here's my formal request. ^_^

Here are some examples:

Package Feed:  If I wanted to put a "Popular Products" block on the sidebar that carries on persistently while browsing the store, I'd create a new Block and select Plugin --> Commerce --> Package Feed, with options like whether the package is featured, visible in the store, price range criteria, created date range, whether the product is on sale, which product group(s) to feed from, shipping methods available, payment methods available, custom support fields, sort by Popularity, Date Added, Price, On Sale, Stock Level, etc.

Review Feed:  In order to create a great testimonials block without having to manually create a custom database managed outside of Commerce, we could just talk to the reviews table with a Review Feed block!  Plugin --> Commerce --> Review Feed, options would be hidden/visible/both, star rating, date range, packages, package groups, whether the package has an image, how popular the package is with other customers (similar to above Package Feed), etc.

Support Feed:  This block would allow us to put a block on the home page or anywhere else showing support requests for the logged in member for quick access.  Options would be department, created date range, last replied date range, open/resolved, severity, access to custom support fields, etc. etc.

Basically, it'd be great to have a feed for every major component of Nexus/Commerce, with feeds both customers and admins would benefit from.

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