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ip.downloads rebuild support threads


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In 3.4 there was an option to rebuild all download's support thread but I am unable to find the equivalent in 4.0. The threads are rather old and do not use the new 4.0 format and I would like to clear and rebuild them all for every single download. Is there a 3rd party that can do this?

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I did raise this issue a short time ago (as I required to 'convert' comments to topics)

There is this > https://invisionpower.com/files/file/8139-cv01-create-support-topic/

However that is for missing (or non-created) topics not to rebuild them.

I am aware of exactly what you are asking for though, but there is AFAIK nothing built into IPS4 currently that can do this. With 3x it would tend to 'update' the initial 'support topic' post when the file descriptor was edited.

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