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The permissions are confusing me so much


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Ok, someone explain to me how come one of my super-moderators managed to delete photos from the gallery, when the super-moderators group does not have any sort of gallery editing permissions.


I checked the logs. Nobody altered any permissions. Nobody changed his second group either. The person doesn't have any powers to edit his own permissions. Yet, somehow, he deleted photos from another member's gallery album.

I don't understand how IPS 4 permissions work and it's starting to really annoy me.

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Maybe because delete isn't granular, and it's set over in the Moderators section (that's an administrator group that you are showing, if I'm correct....which controls what they can do in the ACP, if I'm correct) Is their 'second group' a moderator group? If so, check the "Can delete all content" option on 'Content' - set to on = they can delete anything.

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