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User Locked out extended information...

Chris Bell

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im having this odd repetitive issue consistently with the same customer,
i have no idea how or what exactly he does; within minutes of visiting the site he gets locked out,

there is no extended info with the auto lock action, i have had him reset his password several times,
i gave him special permissions, but nothing helps; he still manages somehow to get himself locked repetitively,

is there a way to find out what triggered auto lock action?
or possibly record his session so it can be further investigated?

"extra info"  option in this situation would be very helpful for investigating further,


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Thank you Zale,
i was hoping for some lead information from the system side;
i am as you convinced it is something originating from the client end; the question is what is it?
since it is our system end that makes this decision; if the system give us some code or anything to go on that can help debuging issues such as these,

i see a reoccurrence with a single user at the moment; that doesn't exclude other client who get automatically locked out on a weekly basis,
i have no idea if it is during registration or after, there is no notification about this unless i manually check,
then there isn't much to go by as for why these were locked out by the system; just the option to unlock,

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