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does bulk email work for anyone else?


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35 minutes ago, maidos said:

i started bulkmail 12 hours ago and still hasnt sent one single email.trying to send email to 40k members


i tried email  test and it works correctly, my ip isnt blacklisted at all. my email can send and receive so no idea whats going on :S

You should look at the error logs and see whats up.

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tried that multiple times, resending, deleting and create again but no success :(

MySQL server has gone away

this is after failing to send 0 emails

and again error log shows nothing

@Rhett something i noticed when i create  a new bulk email and choose to send to only administrator usergroup it ignores the value and select all usergroup by default



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EDit  WOW my ip got blacklisted for spamming now. Just because your crappy interface showed 0 email sent so i tried several times to check out the reason whats happening


i totally understand why my members reported my ip for spamming. 

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ive disabled all plugins and app, cleared cache and still cant send bulk email to specific usergroup. i think its caused by a usergroup that was converted from vbulletin i dont know i will wait for a reply from ips  

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