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Is it possible to auto share image from post on Facebook?


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My forum auto-feeds topics onto Facebook

In the 3.x version it would use the first image in a topic as the image shown on Facebook

On 4.x version is now only uses the Facebook share image

Is there a way to make sure that Facebook pulls the image out of the topic instead? 

e.g. if someone starts a topic about a car, and posts a big photo in the opening post, then on Facebook it would show the topic title, a bit of text from it, and the image that the member had posted?


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My community post count has dropped to only one per from hundreds per day, whilst the sites FB group has 100s of posts a day. To feed FB content to a forum, and vice versa I would pay £££££'s!

And the forum share image is not powerful enough for those who spurt images all over FB to pull them across.

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I export an RSS feed from a specific forum in 4.X via Hootsuite to my FB group and it generally picks the first image from the topic. Very occasionally it uses the share image, sometimes it even uses the members avatar.

However, I'd say about 95% of the time it picks the correct image, the first image in the topic....

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 21.47.44.png

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