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Newsletter checkbox for receiving bulk mail on registry page


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There is a critical problem and upcoming legal conflicts in special countries for many IPS communities, that use the IPS software as-it-is.

We need a workaround or at least know, where the parameter value for the subscribe-to-bulk-email-checkbox on the registry page is located in the code, as this is illegal in a lot countries due to privacy protection laws! It has to be changed/unchecked by default! I was able to turn it off in IPS 3, but I can't find the setting in the code in IPS 4.

So long, I can't bulk email my members, as this is a mega fraud especially for large communitys to accept the default value on/true by subscribing into the bulk email list on the registry page.

The "right" software behavior would be to give a choice to the admins in ACP. But until then, it would be better to change it in the code manually than being sued or changing the value for every member in the database.

It's analogue to "accept terms and conditions" isn't checked by default, as the registering member has to consciously be willing into these terms and conditions (=and bulk emails!)

Anyone knows how and where to set the newsletter/bulk mail checkbox on the community registration screen to off/false?

Please give a hint, where to find the parameter in the code to change.

Maybe this would also be an opportunity for a small modification idea.


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