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Someone can help me to remember if new download version...


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if new download version can be deleted?


i've ask more time ago via bug report, reply is to click on release to delete, and click on remove. but this, instead to remove only specific release, remove entire download from database.

do exist any way to remove only specific version of one file in download?


atm i've this, cause my mistake:



how i can clean just one without remove all?


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i've found a problem with this... as u can see in image, both versions is with same name. then, i cannot see button to delete just one version.

i've fix with: new version with little different name (without save past version) and now i've two versions with two names.

only now, with two different names, i can see button to remove just one version.

in past I've delete entire file cause of this (info is to click on one version and then on remove, but - cause of this - I've click on remove by tree menu and this has delete, obviously, entire file).

regards... and thanks for reply.

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