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HTML logic

Hunter Lyons

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So... I want to display one page layout on my home page to guests, and another totally different one to non-guests (probably HeadStand's Social Stream if I buy it). I know you can use the HTML logic to do that with certain blocks, but how could I do that with entire page layouts? Guests would just see a big introduction post, and then non-guests would see the Social Stream with some other blocks on the sidebar. Is this possible, or?

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This is an example:
Create two blocks
At first (name-> 'guests') enter html content only for guests. Place this block permission only for guests.

Your second block (name->'all_users') contains html for all groups without guests.
Of course, permissions for all groups without guests.

Create page /Manual Html/ (name example 'start') with content


To this page 'start' tick star 'Make default page for this folder'

Of course Pages must be your default App

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