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Why doesn't the new "Close poll" function have a close time?


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I was excited about this function, I've literally suggested it since I started using IPS and came from vB (where you can close polls with a time), so over 5 years. It's been at the top of my list. The new function is a disappointment. To close a poll you have to manually close it. I run contests and close polls after 48 hours. Many people do the same, or run general polls that they state will be open x days, etc. Time sensitive polls are the norm.

Before this, I'd been locking topics with a time and linking to the new topic to "close" the poll.

But now:
I can't set the poll to close AND...
If I set a time for the topic to lock, the poll does not close anymore because you have to manually close it!

So this new setting just messed me all up. Can't set poll close time, can't set topic to lock to close the poll, now I literally have to set an alarm to close a poll where before you added this, at least the topic would close it. "Hey mod will you close the poll at 4:47 am?" And if they don't you have a skewed results content and voting impropriety complaints.

PLEASE add poll close time. I can see keeping the poll open with a locked topic as a benefit, but you should add a setting in acp "When you lock a topic, does it close the poll?" But please add close time. ^_^

EDIT: Wait, and members can't close their polls? This is just a mod/admin setting, to close a poll, with no time. Please let users close polls. This was not thought of from a user perpective. Closing a poll is not a moderator function, it is normal to run a time sensitive poll.

  • Add poll close time
  • Add group permissions, members run time sensitive polls and have to contact mods to close? (or just let all groups close their polls)
  • Add setting in acp to close poll if topic is locked

Thanks! ;)

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  • Management

I have it logged, but it is not on our next roadmap. So, it's not going to be 4.1.13, but we'll do it as soon as feasible. 

To clarify what "it" is to avoid further confusion... if you have permission to close a topic, you'll be able to close a poll (regardless if you're a moderator.) The topic starter and moderator will be able to define a poll close time. 

That's all.

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