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TRY number 2 -- How do I get payouts working?


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I still have no idea how to setup payouts. I would like to allow my users to be able to sell digital downloads on my site similar to what happens here in the marketplace.

Would someone please be so kind as to explain in detail how exactly to set this up? I really do not know how to do it and cannot figure it out.

Thank you ^_^

PS I asked once already but it was marked "answered" despite not actually being answered.


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1. I assume you've set up the payment process, so that people are able to buy & sell stuff on your page? (e.g. via downloads app, other 3rd party apps or the referrals system)

If yes, then: 2. You have to enable & set up the withdrawal feature in your ACP => Commerce  => Withdrawals
Once you have set this up, a  new menu entry called "Account Credit"  will get available on the Store Navbar Tab, where the users which earned money can request to get it.

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