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IP.Content: Making image field REQUIRED?


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When adding a post (article) into my database with IP.Content, the last field is the IMAGE FIELD. This is the image that gets shown on the index page of my database. How can I make this field a REQUIRED one? I can toggle this for both the TITLE and CONTENT fields, but the Record Image is not editable.


Thanks in advance!

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51 minutes ago, xtech said:

It seems there is no way as it is. But it would be a great feature.

I know, for all the greatness this software has, some times there are some trivial things that really make you scratch your head and say huh, what were they thinking?

Why make some fields editable while others not. Blows my mind away.

I hope someone from IPS can chime in and give us a solution to this.

And while we are at it, I wish I could also move that field up on the form, instead of having it all the way in the bottom and almost out of sight.

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