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Dark squares and rectangles instead of pictures


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Hello  ^_^

I've just upgraded my test board to version 4 (my test board is on my server to make sure I have all files needed...). It took about 4 hours to upgrade, but I got no errors during the upggrade process.

Now, the Gallery shows dark rectangles instead of pictures (and I also have these dark squares instead of screenshots in the Downloads section) :


The pictures urls are like this : http://mywebsite/gallery/image/955-photo-005jpg/ and they don't show.

I have another board whose version is 4 and whose gallery is working fine.


What can be the reasons for this problem ? Did I forget to do something (configuration) ?


Thank you  ^_^

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The rebuilding process is nearly over and was much faster than expected.

I only have one task left : Reindexing posts (37%).

I've had a look at the Gallery and Download section : I still have the rectangles and squares, but now, in addition I also have questions marks.


An image url looks like this : http://myboard/uploads/1193336081/gallery_5215_5_48940.jpg

I checked using SSH and gallery_5215_5_48940.jpg does exist in the /uploads/1193336081/ directory...


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I think it's over, because I have this message in the ACP : There are no background processes currently running.

Regarding gallery and Downloads, it seems like it didn't work for me...


EDIT : I found that the http://domain_name appears twice in the images' urls... I think I'm going to open a support ticket because I don't know how to fix this (running a query in mysql ?)

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