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Membergroup Permission for IP.Gallery: Can Move Own Content?

Joel R

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Suggestion: In the membergroup permissions for IP.Gallery, a user can move his own images into a new album / category.  

Why: For example, a user uploads a lot of individual images into an IP.Gallery category.  Then he later decides he wants to group them into an album.  There's no way for him to do so.

My Story: As a real life example, I have a user in my community who is inadvertently in this position.  He's uploaded thousands of images to my gallery categories, but due to a recent restructuring of the categories where I deleted my original categories (which originally contained his items) and moved his images into new categories.  As such, his images are no longer 'grouped' in any coherent sense and although he is volunteering to meticulously re-organize his photos, there are no permissions that allow such ability.  

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