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"Default page for this folder" not working?


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Hi there,

I've created a set of pages around our forum competitions, and I've put them in a folder called, quite logically, "competitions".

One of these pages is named "index", and I've made it the "Default page for this folder". I expected this would produce a URL like mysite.com/competitions/ which would load the index page. Unfortunately, the URL created is mysite.com/competitions/index which is not what I want. (And mysite.com/competitions/ produces a Page Not Found error.)

Is this a known bug? Or am I doing something wrong?


I also have an issue with the navbar breadcrumbs. I have created another page in the competitions folder called "terms-and-conditions". The URL created for this is mysite.com/competitions/terms-and-conditions which is perfect. Unfortunately the navbar breadcrumbs skip the folder entirely and show it in the root folder - ie, My Site > Terms and conditions.

How can I fix this?

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Did you (or anyone) find a solution to this please?

I have a Pages folder /regions/ with 'news' set as the default page.  I would therefore have expected that mysite.com/regions should give me mysite.com/regions/news/ or even better mysite.com/regions/news.  But even trying to adjust things in .htaccess all I get is either page can't be found or horrible recursive loops like mysite.com/regions///////////.

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