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  1. I'm trying to tweak an existing script to include a bit of IPS authentication in it. This code seemed to be exactly what I need, but I can't make it work. Trying to run it, even by itself, I just get the error "Something went wrong. Please try again." What am I doing wrong? I see the post was made back in 2015 - is this code still valid in the latest versions of IPS?
  2. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but it sure looks odd to me... It seems users are able to insert emojis into topic titles (which irritates me as an admin, but it's not the end of the world). But what's much stranger, is that the emojis are then also included in the URL! I didn't know that was even possible! That's surely going to cause all sorts of issues. Can we turn this off?
  3. Yep, that's the effect I'm after. The Diet stream would actually replace the Diet forum, I think. So on the front page, we'd have a list of streams rather than forums. And instead of a topic listing in the Diet forum, you'd see the contents of the Diet stream instead. I'm just trying to get my head around how this would work... Do we leave the forum structure as it is now, even though if we're using closed tags and streams, the forums are now largely redundant? Or do we merge all the forums into one enormous one, and rely totally on the tags? I suspect it's the kind of thing where it's all or nothing. You either use forums, or you use tags/streams. But the prospect of such a huge change to the system terrifies me!
  4. OK, that makes sense. But I probably shouldn't have asked that question, because I think it distracts from the main thrust of this topic. What I'm trying to achieve is a system that organises content by subject, not necessarily by app. (It's taken me several days to summarise my thoughts clearly, but I think that finally explains it well!) Here's my real-world example... I run a gym/fitness website. We have a forum for Diet & Nutrition topics. We also have an Articles section (built through the Pages app), and some of those articles will be about nutrition. It doesn't make sense that nutrition forum topics and nutrition articles are found in two different parts of the website. From my users' point of view, they should simply be able to go into the Nutrition forum/section, and see a list of everything that's nutrition-related - topics, articles, calendar events... the works. If they click the link for a nutrition article, they'd get taken to the full article in the Pages app. Any comments on that would show as fully-styled comments, just as per a forum topic. And recent comments bump the article to the top of the forum, just as forum topics do. Now, maybe we could also retain a dedicated Articles section too, because that has its own advantages - it can be formatted with thumbnails, etc. But the main point here is to get related content to sit in the forums alongside topics.
  5. This is true for regular users who have learned all the cool tricks in IPS4, and take advantage of the activity stream feature to see the latest content. But for new or occasional users, they're unlikely to dig into an activity stream and filter it down... They are still much more likely to browse by forum of the subjects they're interested in. I guess what I'm suggesting here would effectively turn the Forum's topic listing page into a stream of content on that forum's subject.
  6. Are there any plans to extend the Pages "Use forum for comments" function to other IPS apps as well? (This is the feature in Pages where it automatically creates a topic for each database record, and that topic then acts as the comments section for the record.) I'd really like to use the same feature for Calendar events, for example. Is that on the plans? I'd also like to suggest a few tweaks around how this whole function works... More apps = more content discovery = good The benefit of this function is that it allows you to have a Pages article also listed in the relevant forum. This makes browsing by subject easier which is a very good thing. This feature should be extended to all the IPS apps - Pages, Calendar, Blog, etc. So then a forum becomes less a collection purely of forum topics, and more a category to hold content of any sort which may be forum topics, but may also include Pages articles, Calendar events, etc, etc. Everything that's related to the subject of that forum. No duplicated content Unfortunately,the way it is done currently (by having a Page article create a matching topic) creates duplicate content. Rather than creating two different versions of the same content (ie, a Page record and a Forum topic with identical content and comments under each) it would be better to have one item that is simply linked from both places. When this link is clicked, it takes you to the same Page article, regardless of whether you found it via the Forum or the Page database listing. Consistent comments template Right now, apps like Pages, Blogs, Calendar, etc, use a cut-down template to display comments. They don't have all the nice bells and whistles that the Forum comments do. Personally, I want my comments to look the same across the site. A conversation under Pages should look just as awesome as a conversation under Forum does! (Similarly, the Forum topic that's automatically created from a Pages record looks pretty lo-fi compared to the actual Pages record which can have a nice custom template specific to the particular Pages database. Solving the duplicate content issue above would solve this problem as well.) Fully-fledged moderator functions Currently the other apps have fewer mod functions available than the Forums app does. I'd like to see fully-integrated mod functions across every app. So for example, if a member posts a comment in a Calendar event that should really be split into its own topic in the Forums, or merged into an existing Forums topic, I should be able to do that. Phew! That's all. Hopefully it makes sense! I think this integration would make the IPS suite far more cohesive and powerful. What do you say, IPS? Is it do-able?
  7. I don't suppose anyone's thought about this any further? It would be great to get some feedback from IPS about what they think of this suggestion. How feasible is it? Does IPS plan any development along these lines, or should I find my own developer to get it done? Obviously I don't want to brief a developer if there's something similar coming anyway. Cheers!
  8. Damn. That wasn't the answer I was hoping for. But thanks!
  9. I'm currently going through and creating a bunch of pages in the Pages app. Things like a "Terms and conditions" page, an "Advertise with us" page, an "About us" page, etc, etc. For each of these pages, I want a standard sidebar. But it seems I have to add a sidebar and set up all the blocks on every individual page I create. It's getting pretty tedious now, and it's going to be a real pain to change anything down the track if I have to go through page by page. Surely that's not right, and there's a way to turn on a standard "universal" sidebar? What am I missing?
  10. Thanks, but I don't want Pages to be my default app. What I want is to create a folder in the Pages app, and nominate a page to be the default page for that folder.
  11. Hi there, I've created a set of pages around our forum competitions, and I've put them in a folder called, quite logically, "competitions". One of these pages is named "index", and I've made it the "Default page for this folder". I expected this would produce a URL like mysite.com/competitions/ which would load the index page. Unfortunately, the URL created is mysite.com/competitions/index which is not what I want. (And mysite.com/competitions/ produces a Page Not Found error.) Is this a known bug? Or am I doing something wrong? I also have an issue with the navbar breadcrumbs. I have created another page in the competitions folder called "terms-and-conditions". The URL created for this is mysite.com/competitions/terms-and-conditions which is perfect. Unfortunately the navbar breadcrumbs skip the folder entirely and show it in the root folder - ie, My Site > Terms and conditions. How can I fix this?
  12. True. And I guess this is sort of what I was referring to when I talked about duplicate content issues and including the article template at the top of the forum topic. But I admit this is certainly a "hacky" way of operating. So maybe we need to take a step back, and look at the reasons you might want to mirror content from other apps into the forums. Then work out a "best practice" way to reach that same end goal. For me, the three main reasons are: Content discovery. The benefit of the forum app is that it categorises content (by putting topics into various forums), and within each category, the content with the most recent comments is on top. That makes it really easy for people to find those recent comments. I feel they get lost when attached to an article or calendar event. (Yes, comments will show up in an activity stream, but it's not so easy to brose by category, and the busier the site, the more the individual replies get lost in the flow...) Consistent comments template Apps like Pages, Blogs, Calendar, etc, use a cut-down template to display comments. They don't have all the nice bells and whistles that the Forum comments do. Personally, I want my comments to look the same across each of the apps. Fully-fledged moderator functions I want to be able to use all the moderator functions I get in the Forums across all the other apps. If a member posts a comment in a Calendar event that should really be split into its own topic in the Forums, I want to be able to do that. So what's the answer? Typing this reply, a much simpler method occurs to me. (At least, I think it's simple - the IPS developers may disagree!) 1) Create a setting that allows other app content (Calendar events, Blog posts, Page articles, etc) to also be included in the Forum topic list. This means in addition to having its own space in its own app, content can be categorised by forum, and sorted by most recent comments. 2) When clicked, this link in the Forum topic list takes the user to the content in the appropriate app - eg the particular Page article. This means you see the entire article as it's meant to be seen (not the lo-fi forum-mirrored version). 3) The full set of moderating functions are integrated and comments templates are consistent across all apps. I think that could solve everything! :-)
  13. One of the things I was happiest to see advertised in IPS4 was closer integration between the various apps. But it doesn't go far enough for me. I'd like to see more integration, particularly around comment mirroring... This is great, but I'd also like the same functionality applied to IPS.Calendar comments. Are there plans to extend this to other IPS apps as well? I've got a couple of other suggestions around comment mirroring, too: Duplicate content We know search engines penalise you for having pages with duplicate content. So rather than having IPS app comments "mirrored" to a forum topic, could we simply redirect the user instead? So for instance, an IP.Content article would still be listed among all the other articles in the database, but when clicked it takes the user to the forum topic. Mirrored topics should include the appropriate page template Ideally, we'd include the template from IP.Content (or IP.Calendar, or whatever) at the top of the page, and then the rest of the forum topic below. That way you don't get a "lo fi" version of either. What do you reckon? Any chance of making this happen?
  14. I think I just followed the IPS instructions: Check the user_status and publish_actions options and click Add Items Click "Add Notes" and provide a description explaining that statuses are used to import and/or export user statuses between Facebook and your community. Then I set up a test user in Facebook (which automatically has these permissions granted so you can demonstrate how you're going to use them), recorded a screencast, and showed a status post on Facebook being imported into IPS, and vice versa.
  15. I can do that where I'm editing an existing IPS language bit. But I've also created my own bits (for theme-specific language bits, names of custom settings, etc) which don't exist in the ACP language area. I thought the whole point of /themes/{theme_id}/lang.php was that it provided an easy way for theme designers to add their own language bits?
  16. Have you guys seen these instructions? I found them to be really helpful. I think Facebook might have changed a few things around since the instructions were written, but they're still a pretty good guide. When demonstrating your app to Facebook, I really recommend recording a video of you demonstrating the process, rather than taking screenshots and hoping that some Facebook monkey will follow your instructions correctly. That said, it's still an enormous headache to get everything approved. And to be quite honest, unless you plan on creating some clever custom IPS plugins that require these extra permissions, I'm not convinced they're worth the effort. You can still use Facebook login without setting up extra permissions.
  17. Anyone? I've tried asking the Support desk, but apparently this is outside the scope of their work.
  18. Hi there, I have a few custom entries in the lang.php file in my theme. However, they only seem to work when IPS is in Designer Mode. On my live site, with Designer Mode switched off, the language bits do not appear. For example... The default "reg_connect" message is: Get started faster Connect via one of these sites. But my custom lang.php sets "reg_connect" to the following: Get started faster Sign up quickly with Facebook, or enter your details below. Either way, you can use an anonymous display name if you wish. But that only works in Designer Mode. Switch off Designer Mode, and the message reverts back to the default. Apparently this was a bug that was fixed in 4.1.1, however I'm now on and have had this problem since at least Another little thing that's annoying me is that every time I go back into Designer Mode, the lang.php file gets rewritten, and the logical order that I arranged my language bits gets changed. Is anyone else having this problem?
  19. That's a shame - it seems like the block only does half the job. So where is the date stored? Is it a database value I can hack?
  20. @Jim M - I've just reset the counter (couldn't believe it was so simple!) but how do I also change the date? Unfortunately it's now showing today's date - ie, the time at which I reset it.
  21. You can. :-) Just create your IPS Advertisment, then create a custom block. You want to select Type = custom, Editor = Manual PHP. Then just paste your advert's custom location tag in the content like so: {advertisement="my_location_tag"} Back on the front end, open up the Manage Blocks panel, and find your custom block under Pages>Custom (or wherever you saved it). Drag it into your sidebar, and you're done!
  22. Does anyone know about using IPS with Facebook Connect? I’m struggling to find any info on what it actually does. I’ve set it up, and tested it, but so far all I can do is use Facebook to register an account and sign in. I’d thought that it would also allow members to: Automatically import FB status updates to IPS Automatically import IPS status updates to FB Automatically import FB profile picture and cover photo Give members the option of publishing a topic/reply to their FB page But I can’t get it to do any of that. And Facebook won’t let me submit the app for review until I test the “publish_actions” permission – which presumably means testing one of the functions above. But I see nothing in IPS that would do that. Any help would really be appreciated.
  23. Me too. I have Facebook login working - so I can create a new IPS account using a Facebook account - but I can't see how to publish IPS posts or status updates on Facebook, or vice versa.
  24. I think that when an advertisement shows in the sidebar, it is fixed in position above the rest of the sidebar blocks. Like you, I'd prefer to reorder the sidebar blocks so there's a "content" block at the top, with an advert underneath. The only way I've been able to achieve this is to bypass the advertisments system, and just create a new custom block with my ad code inside it. It would be awesome if IPS could change it so advertisements played nicely with the sidebar blocks.
  25. By default, IPS places the Google Analytics code at the bottom of the page. However, Google seems to want it placed in the <head> section, and if it doesn't find it there, it makes me jump through all sorts of hoops before I can use Webmaster Tools: My question is, given the GA code is now asyncronous, I presume this means it doesn't delay the rest of the page from loading, so why would we NOT put it in the <head> section?
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