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Any way to view full member list?


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44 minutes ago, Greg W said:

With Default Menu Manager, click on "Browse" and then "Members"

Looking at the Default Menu Manager, there is no "Members" option. Or is this not the right place?




I know that I can click in the Search box and then select Members, but I'm referring to being able to have a menu item like it used to be that says Members or whatever I choose to name it, and then view all members.

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8 minutes ago, superj707 said:

try /index.php?/search/&q=f&type=core_members

Gotta remove the '&q=f' part (otherwise it only showed 5k out of 43k users), but it works.


Every time I add '/search/&type=core_members' to the menu manager though; the manager alters it to '/search/&type=core_members&%2Fsearch%2F='

I don't understand why the manager feels the need to alter ANYTHING I put in though, and that extra string seems odd.

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