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Log when tasks were run (even if they were successful)


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I'm trying to investigate frequent downtime periods that happens fairly daily, but still not with a clear interval between each time. 

In doing that I'm trying to now look over whether any of the tasks cause this. The problem I have with that is that there are no log entries for when each task has actually been executed, so I can't see if any of the previous execution times for tasks corresponds to the times our servers tend to go down. 

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And you should log how long time the task spent. 

I've added some custom code to log this myself now in system/Task/Task.php

	public function runAndLog()
		# HW_CUSTOM log task runnings
		\IPS\Log::i( LOG_NOTICE )->write( "Start to run task {$this->id}($this->key)", 'taskRunLog' );
		$start = microtime( true );
		$result = NULL;
		$error = FALSE;
			$result = $this->run();
		catch ( \IPS\Task\Exception $e )
			$result = $e->getMessage();
			$error  = 1;
		$end_time = round( microtime( true ) - $start, 5 );
		\IPS\Log::i( LOG_NOTICE )->write( "Task {$this->id}($this->key) was finished in {$end_time} seconds", 'taskRunLog' );
		if ( $error !== FALSE or $result !== NULL )
			\IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'core_tasks_log', array(
				'task'	=> $this->id,
				'error'	=> $error,
				'log'	=> json_encode( $result ),
				'time'	=> time()
			) );

But I feel you should log this information to the database table. 

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