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Gallery problem with server disk space and original photos


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Since I have upgraded to IPB4 I have notices that the disk space on my server is running out of memory, which is a serious problem. Having a look at the uploads-folder showed me, that the original photos are not resized to the allowed maximum image dimension and then discarded, as it is done with attachments-pictures. They still remain on in the uploads-folder. So for photos wich are shown with less than 1MB as maximum size on the gallery, they are stored with more than 10MB on the server. They are not shown and so they are not useful as pictures, but they are reducing enormous disk space.

For the user-experience it is good to upload the photos in the way they get it from the smartphone or camera, but on the other hand, for the forum-owner it is necessary to save disk space on the server. So I hope IPB can change this to tread uploaded photos to the gallery, like attachments and discard the original files, after resizing them to the allowed maximum dimension.

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As much as I know IPB have stored original gallery files in previous versions also. They are useful if you want to rebuild gallery images.

I see your concern about disk space. You may change the Maximum Image Size in Group Settings to reduce original image size for future uploads. It won't apply to your old files tho.

Speaking about myself, I once found original gallery files useful when I wanted to remove watermark on images. But I'm not worried about disk space either :) 

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