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Just upgraded from 3.4.9 to

Jan Krohn

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I have just successfully upgraded my forums to version and before the upgrade I have made a backup of my whole site.

The /forum folder was completely empty and I have only copied the following folders from the old install: public, uploads, downloads, screenshots and conf_global.php

My MISTAKE was that I forgot to disable third party hooks and applications before the upgrade.

During the upgrade I have received the following error:


I was able to Continue the upgrade...

The next error I have received was for one of the third party plugins (CMS) that I haven't disabled, but I don't have the screenshot of it. I was also able to continue the upgrade.

Once everything was done I have received a successful upgrade message:


When I tried to make a new registration to the forums I have received this errors:



I've checked and not a single radio button on the CAPTCHA page was selected and therefore I got this error. When I selected any of the available options new registrations started to work.

I can see that my third party apps are still there on the new board and I am able to uninstall those.


Now, since I still have the backup prior to upgrade would it be better to remove the non-needed third party hooks and applications on the old forum and repeat the upgrade so I have clear DB prior upgrading and thus complete the upgrade without errors, or should I just uninstall those applications from the new board?

Should I mention that I do not need any of these hooks anymore? :)

Upgrade process was finished rather fast and therefore repeating the upgrade IF NECESSARY wouldn't be a problem.

Thank you all!

Happy new year!




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I upgraded when 4 came out and left everything enabled treating it like a normal upgrade. I had a few that errored saying something and asked to continue. I continued and still work fine. 


The support tool will be your friend. I say probably run it through and see if problems continue. If they do submit a ticket.

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Never mind, I have run the clear upgrade again, previously removing non-needed aps and hooks.

What is strange, during the time when the forum was offline 2 new users managed to register their accounts.

Also, I can see in the user list some strange user that contains only "," sign.



Any ideas how is it possible for new users to register while the forum is offline and what is this user from the screenshots? 

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I had ghost user too. Support answer



This user is an incomplete Facebook registration. They will be prompted to choose a username when they log in. Ordinarily these members would be automatically deleted after 30 days by the cleanup task that deletes validating members. Your validation settings, however, are set to not require any validation.


That is a valid issue. I've raised this for discussion so we can handle this better when validation is disabled.

In the meantime you can remove the user by editing any of the members in the ACP then changing id=x in the browser address bar and replacing it with id=24009 and clicking delete.

We are working on a permanent way of handling this type of member.


Change that "24009" to number what you see in ghost users profile URL.

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Ok, one other thing.

When I have upgraded the forums for the second time background processes were not started automatically like the first time. I had to start them manually and have the window opened in browser.

When I opened the Dashboard I had couple of tasks just standing at 100% and nothing was happening. Once I manually started jobs, they all completed successfully.

Strange, nothing has changed, I did the exact same upgrade from the exact same backup of 3.4.9 forum on the same server.

Should these process start to run immediately after the successful upgrade or they should be started manually?

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