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Edit restrictions per app please


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Different content types have different edit needs.

I'd like to preserve discussions (short edit times) but allow editing of blogs and articles. Can the edit restrictions please be extended to apps?

Broken down into content item and reply/comment would be great as well. As I only want authors to be able to edit their blogs/articles, but comments be preserved.

Same as the delete permissions, which has been discussed and is being addressed. Edit/Delete are both needed per app and per content item/comment.


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Why would the edit time affect records/articles? Certain records have to constantly be updated. Sure we can use groups, but giving that group unlimited edit time affects all apps so does not solve the problem here, preserving discussions.

Does anyone else have this need? Edit restrictions per app?

4.0 made a lot of settings global and took away a lot of control.

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On 12/22/2015 at 7:26 PM, Evil Edwina said:

Granular permissions for create, edit, and delete, are always going to be better than global ones.

I've not seen any feedback from Lindy in that other topic yet. I'm waiting with bated breath.

I saw an update from Matt here on the delete permissions. I'm not clear on what a majorish version is though, assuming it could be in the 4.1 series just not 4.1.6 or .7. Since major would be 4.2.

When this gets around to being implemented I would like edits to also be considered and follow the same logic, and the edit restriction time in global can take effect unless overridden in app for the content item or comment, thanks.

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48 minutes ago, Matt said:

Sometimes we agree with the feedback, but have to schedule it in a future release. Sometimes we might have bigger changes planned which take into account feedback such as this.

Your points are valid, and noted.

Understood on the delete issue thanks. And for edit, hoping it can follow suit, I'd say with records being a priority as some records (databases) are constantly updated with new information, think of a database of a certain type of store and the address changes. The edit restriction time locks the author or editor out.

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@Matt I found this setting in each individual database which solves one of the issues here.

Edit own records indefinitely
Enabling this option will allow the record author to edit their own unlocked and not hidden records indefintely.
<-- misspelled btw
When not enabled, the member group content editing permissions are used.

Missed it before, this allows the record itself to be edited while keeping the edit time in groups for the comments.

Granular group per app editing would be optimal, with times (content item could be longer but not indefinite), but this same setting in the other apps would really solve a lot. Many times users post tutorials etc. that need updating but you want to preserve the comments. This same override would be great in the other apps (especially Blogs), as it pertains to the content item, thanks!

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