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Thumb.db permission error caused by Windows 10


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I have 40 + themes setup on a local. Every time I need to shut down Designers Mode for an upgrade restarting after is a pain in the back side...
Reason is Microsoft slips in their little hidden thumb.db file anytime you add an image to a theme file causing a permissions error while rebuilding Designers Mode.
Is anyone else having this issue? If so, how did you fix it? The only way so far that I have found is un-hiding the hidden files through out the Windows 10 system then going to the themes directory and deleting every instance prior to restarting Designers Mode....

Or wait until the permissions error pops up..... Either way this is a waste of time hunting them down.
Sad part is we knew they were there in Windows 7 and Version 4.0 with no error mentioned.

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Using Wamp and yes full permissions. Never had these issues with 4.0 and Win 10.

Starting Wamp Config - php - 5.5 MySQL - 5.6  4.0 and Win 10 no issue - 4.1 and Win 10 permissions error.

New Wamp config - php 5.6 MySQL 5.6 4.1 and Win 10 still have permission issues. Go to a 4.0 site No issues.

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