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Since Upgrade to 4.x , i am facing a huge issue with the default language option

having the default language detected only from the browser is for sure not an optimum choice for a lot of the non-English , and specially the RTL sites

i personally use the English interface of the browser , and also a lot of my users , but we need the forum to be set to RTL.

I purchased one of the Add ins available to control the default language , but the site crashed after the installation so i removed it , and i was advised by Support to remove all Add-ins.

Currently i ended up disabling the English interface until this is resolved , although some of my users may prefer it , and i also prefer to use it for ACP.

I Strongly need an option to control the default language from the ACP , for new users and visitors,

Existing users may choose to use the default detection or to force a language

This is required Urgently , as it is a nightmare in My case


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