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How to customize welcome email?


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I like to customize the welcome email for every member who sign up to share some little brief and couple of forum guideline links and privacy policy.

I explored a bit and reach till: ACP -> Custom -> Emails, but after that in each email template there was just a bunch of codes and no text all for email validation or registration completion email.

Where can I find below text to edit? And any way to preview welcome email while customizing or some wsyiswyg editor exists for this?



Your registration is complete!

Your registration request has been approved at Carnity. You can now sign in with the password you chose when signing up. 

Go to Carnity 

— Carnity



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16 hours ago, EmpireKickAss said:

You have HTML source code option when creating an email, Plus you can upload your website logo for the email heading. 

Where is the HTML source code option? I can't even figure out the codes for registration complete and validation email as it has to many IPB coding PHP switch which I don't understand at all.

14 hours ago, Daniel F said:

The text is saved separate,you can change it in ACP -> customize -> languages

How to edit them? It's only showing english and when I click on edit it shows me left to right format - 3 options only.

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