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At this moment we can only answer to a question, but it may happen that a answer will lead to a discussion and in that case we need the ability to reply to the answer.

What happens now is that members reply to answers using the reply to question, and that will make that Question Topic a completely mess.

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I agree with @Morrigan, if the discussion is related to the original post then why is it a problem. If the discussion is about something else then a new topic should be made about it

But, if you have nested answers, it really looks messy

   Post 24--------------------------




etc. etc.


You would lose all control of the topic & how would you go to the last updates post?


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3 hours ago, Morrigan said:

What you are talking about is threaded replies and I do not agree that this functionality should come back. It's likely the most atrocious looking thing I've ever had to experience on forums.

The problem is that the QA forum was clearly never designed to be a discussion forum. It was ONLY designed to be in the following format:


  • Answer A
  • Answer B
  • Answer C
  • Answer D

At no time are any of the answers supposed to refer to any other answer or any discussion take place. I'm not quite sure what they were looking at but this doesn't usually happen in real life. In addition, it's not really a forum and more like a knowledgebase of sorts. This doesn't happen anywhere - Stack Exchange, vBulletin 5, etc. I have only seen it in place on a handful of "answer sites" where professionals try to answer one question and NO conversation takes place -- always the respondents to the question asker.

So I sort of agree and disagree with you. But as a replacement for "best answer" that was on the forum it is certainly not. IPS has traditionally been a discussion forum that has the ability to have best answers after discussion. Now you have a discussion forum and a good but very unique and less used type of QA forum. I think it will be impossible to change it practically into what it used to be. Now that @Adriano Faria has released his Best Answer addon, I think it's best to keep them separate. I hope people will pay for development and create the functionality that should be around such an addon, e.g. most BA's, etc. It is more extensive than it seems (especially for big boards) but at this point the product has been defined as what it is.



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