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Making only prefixes available (no tags)


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2 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

A 5 second search in the ACP.....

"Tags" page has a "Prefixes enabled" option.

Edit a group -> "Can use tags?" & "Can use prefixes?"

Turn one or the other off for all groups and then you no longer have to have both.

Tried that. When i turn off tags, it also turns off prefixes. I dont understand why it does this...

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2 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Ah, sorry - got mixed up....it's early here.

Easy - use the group options I specified to disable groups from using tags.

LOL I've tried that but for some reason, when i say no to tags, it also thinks I'm saying no to prefixes and u can't use both :( 

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OK - I see what you mean now (more information = ideal, so always describe what you've tried and what the effect is)

Once you disable the "Can use tags?" option, it has the desired effect of not showing the tags field on a topic. Problem is, the prefixes option only shows once a tag has been entered...which is not possible with that setting disabled. I would have expected the prefixes field to be displayed.

Log it as a bug, link to this topic, see what they say.


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