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  1. Since last week we experience issue regarding registering and logging in with Twitter. If you click on login with twitter I get. Something went wrong. Please try again. Everything is setup according to the manual. and it used to work great. got it fixed by using another callback url https://yoursite.net/oauth/callback/
  2. Tapatalk already knows this and they are hoping to release an updated version of their application later this week.
  3. We use sparkpost without issues too, seems like the minority that complains won again with invision removing this useful integration.
  4. ChurchOfPop


    i can only see one award while i have set it to display 9!
  5. ChurchOfPop


    We can only see one award in the topic view instead of 9 we want to show.
  6. Hi, we're new to the theme. www.churchofpop.net - its our default theme. One glitch we really need fixed is this... That menu and the sub-menu's are really important. They get cut off.
  7. No such x button exists good sir, you couldn't possibly think i'm that stupid.
  8. There's a major issue with a feature. When you select a member to show only updates by, it freezes on that member and u can't undo it. So I've been seeing the same statuses from the same person for weeks and it will not let me un do it. I thought it might be just my account but I've had 2 more complaints now.
  9. New members have their status updates disabled and they have to manually enable them through settings. How can i make it so that the default setting is enabled? Thanks.
  10. LOL I've tried that but for some reason, when i say no to tags, it also thinks I'm saying no to prefixes and u can't use both
  11. But i want to keep prefixes and not tags. Is there no way to do this?
  12. Tried that. When i turn off tags, it also turns off prefixes. I dont understand why it does this...
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