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Osmaan Sharif

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I just signed up for a community on the cloud package.  I got an email saying my community is now ready to use.

But whenever I go to the link for it - it looks like this & nothing like the documentation shows.

I've tried it on a number of browsers and computers.  

Am I missing something?

Put in a support ticket but not heard anything .... really need to get this setup asap today.



Screenshot 2015-11-03 13.41.05.png

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It looks like the CSS is awol but I'm very surprised this has happened with a new installation moreso with it being a 'cloud' installation too although these are automated from what I recall.

3x series would do this if there was a minify issue however that's not applicable to the IPS4 series in the same way.

I'm afraid you will need to await a response to your ticket really, I'm sorry to read this has happened although a 'new' community to do this is very rare indeed.


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