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Mandrill communication problem


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I'm a bit bummed by the technical 'support' I received about this problem and it appears I need to wait a fair while between support replies so I'm begging you all for some help with this issue as I really need to get a bulk mail out.

Ultimately, notifications and bulk emails to small numbers of people (< 10) work fine.

My usual monthly mailout to 50,000 people is now (for the first time) complaining about a Mandrill communication error. 

System Error
There was an error communicating with Mandrill. Please contact technical support for assistance.

When I did into the logs in Mandrill I see a populated 'to' key in the response to the small send outs and an empty 'to' key with the big mail outs.

Eg (note the snip, there are more...);

"to": [ { "email": "cbiggins@[removed]", "name": "PranK" }, *snip*

while the bigger mail out has;

"to": {},

That makes me thing that IPB is not sending the addresses correctly to Mandrill. 

We have done 6 other mail outs this size this year, so we're not doing anything new.

Thanks in advance! We're getting desperate! :(


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