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[IP.Nexus] Adding promotion banners to specific forums


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Hi all

I was wondering is there a way to add promotional banners to specific forum sections, rather than globally adding them across the forum. The reason I ask, is because I have traders that sponsor specific forum sections, so I don't want to mix other traders banners with their own.

IIRC this was a feature available on Nexus 3.x? Was it removed or is there a new way of doing it?

Thanks in advanced :)


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if i remember well you can use custom "code" to identify a specific banner (add), then you can place this code in your template of your forum to show this banner (and add).

Only problem with this, is that it adds it globally to any section that uses that template. You can't add it to one specific forum section.

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I have a topic out about the IPS API function so we can start to address the issue of being able to place banners/ads in individual forums and have received no answer from anyone much less IPS management or staff. Maybe we can get an answer so those of us needing this feature can make it work like it should.


here is the post:

Does the IPS api have function(s) to test for what forum is being displayed?

Or what category

Or if it’s on the main page?

Example ( pseudo code):

If (is_forum(x)) {

Put this html code out;

} else {

Put this html code out;


Same idea applies to all.

I would then put this into template and use.

Thanks in advance for any help

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