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Search in Title and or Body

Chris Bell

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I’m wondering what ever happened to the search in title and or body option?

since this option is missing; search results are filled with nonsense and junk results (to the search!);

i find myself resorting to googles indexing to find specific even here on IPS!


every comment made becomes a result we have to sift through;

if a topic holds 40-50 responses they all become legitimately tagged and displayed

every posts carries the threads keyword in the title to start with,

search title and or body is a highly desirable function id like to see reinstated,


tag's aren't popular just yet; with that they are a very general descriptive words; they are shared among many similar thread (that’s their point!);

it is (imo) not such a great function to base search on, title and or body were most effective in returning search results!

tags are nice for when you’re scanning topics visually (when brought out by prefix); they give an added information about what’s being discussed there,

tags are useless for deep search and should not be considered as criteria imo,

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