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Converter not showings

Robert R

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Hi, I have recently switched over from SMF 2.0.9 to IBS Boards 3.4.8.  I have IPS successfully installed, but I am having problems getting the converter installed.  I have the files uploaded and unzipped in my FTP, and yet it is not showing up on the right hand side under "manage applications".  Is there some trick to changing permissions that I need to do?  Not sure what else would be needed for you to know to help me.  I'm kinda at a dead end on this.

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Nevermind, I got it.  Had it in the wrong folder.

Well spotted. That is one of the most common issues I see when apps are uploaded but do not appear in the list to be installed or otherwise. :) The converter is an application just the same as say Blog / Gallery etc. Its uploaded and 'installed' in the same way either with the board/core at the same time or later via Manage Apps in the Admin Panel.

Just noticed your joined date, Welcome. :)

EDIT... There is a specific forum for any problems / questions with the Converter itself here

and the 34x series (and lower versions) peer to peer support forums are here (as this topic is in the 4x forum) but it does not matter.


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