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Amazon S3

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Has anyone used the Amazon S3 storage option in IPB4?

If so could I get the settings I need to assign to the bucket? I tried to move our gallery over and it didnt work, it said it moved all the files but they never showed up in the bucket and when I tried to move them back to our server they came back as 1kb files. 

I guess i need a access control script or something?


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Here is a basic permission set for you.




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What further information would you like? please clarify

In Amazon Console:

  1. Do I have to "enable website hosting"?
  2. Index document should be: http://mywebsite.com/forum/index.php or http://mywebsite.com/index.php (if Pages are in the root).
  3. Error document? What is the URL for IPS 4 error html message?

In AdminCP:

  1. Bucket is the Bucket name or the Bucket URL?
  2. Bucket Path is for what?

In the topic above there is a permission set. Is it necessary? Where should I add this set?


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