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Record image in RSS feed? (Pages)

Kirill N

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Please post feature requests in the Feedback Forum. In addition, it usually helps to describe your use-cases for the requested features as clear as possible. There is a bigger chance that a feature gets included and gets included in the best possible way, if we can understand WHY a certain feature is beneficial to your community, instead just having several people state “I want this too”. 

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We absolutely need the record image to be included in the RSS. It's a must have if you are going to do any sort of automated email marketing campaigns - which for any content/news driven site, automated email campaigns with latest news is crucial. 

These automated email services all pull images from the RSS feed to put into their template. Obviously, without any images in the RSS, images would have to be added to the email template manually each time an email is sent out. 

For a website that has a large user-base and readership, you want to be sending out daily, personalized content. Without images, the emails are incredibly unattractive. 

@Ralf Herrmann

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