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  1. Please add Record Image to Pages RSS

    The RSS feeds absolutely have to have images in them. We would like to do a ton of automated emails to our readers with weekly content. All of the email providers that we have looked at need pictures in order to have a nice looking template. In order to have those pictures pulled into the templates automatically, there has to be an image attached to reach record via RSS. This is crucial.
  2. IPC Slider

    @Grant B - I've been using this for a couple years now and it's been excellent. All of a sudden, yesterday, it will not allow me to upload images. It's like the upload function is down. It allows us to upload an image from the computer, but when we go to save it, it doesn't stick. It's very strange, and it randomly started, but my entire staff is experiencing the problem and it's really affecting how we are operating right now, as we publish 30+ articles a day. Do you have any idea what could be causing this?
  3. 'Also Tagged With' Extension

    Hey @Marcher Technologies - I just bought this, and it doesn't seem to be working really at all. I installed the hook, but I don't see any "options" tab inside of "manage articles" ..... Any idea what's going on? Am I looking in the wrong place?
  4. Pages: Promote to Article

    Yep. This is absolutely necessary. Seems as though they aren't prioritizing Pages the way they need to.
  5. What details need to be changed prior to the upgrade? And how exactly would I have done that? I believe that I made all the necessary changes before the upgrade based on other topics that had instructions written out.
  6. ​I'm sorry but I don't have a clue what you are talking about, or what the process of this is or would look like. Without doing that (which I'm assuming I didn't do, as I don't have a clue as to what any of that means) - how would it affect my live site? I haven't noticed anything going wrong with it.....
  7. I spoke too soon. I'm still running into all sorts of issues, though it looks a little better now. ​Maybe? What's the process for this?
  8. Geez that was a pain as there's no stylesheet on the backend either - but it looks like I got it. Thanks so much for the help everyone!
  9. Anyone know of a place to download only the V4 skin? Or could someone attach a file here for me to download? I can't install another one and do it myself, as it would have to be in the same directory as the current demo because of the licenses.
  10. So, I attempted to upgrade a demo site (3.x) to Beta 5a. I did this by duplicating my live database. Uploading all 5a files into a new folder on my server. Copy/pasted the public and upload folder there as well. Then copied the config file. Edited the config file to point to the duplicated server. Ran the upgrader. When I finished, I've ended up with the following: http://profootballspot.com/spotv2 - Any clue what is going on here, or where I went wrong?
  11. That makes too much sense. Thank you Lindy! that was my problem.
  12. So when you do a fresh install, and type all the database information (name, user, pass, etc) it doesn't put that into the config file for you? Because that's what I'm doing.... It's just not showing anything.
  13. ​I've deleted it and started over so I don't have the error messages on hand. I can get them. Wanted to make sure there wasn't something I needed to do first. When I made a copy of the database, I did it through phpmyadmin. Then ran a normal install, but used the new database I had just made. So I didn't copy/change any config files or anything else. I just installed the board like you normally would, but installed it on a database that had ton of stuff in it already. Should I try it again, and just post the errors I run into?
  14. I thought this would be possible, but I'm running into some errors. So I'm starting over and trying again.... maybe some of you guys can help. Basically, I want to run a test site with the new Forums and Pages - but I want to be testing it with a ton of content on my live site. ____ I went in and made a duplicate of my live IPB board database. Renamed it and such. Then I uploaded all the files for IPB4. Installed IPB 4 and used the new database information for the install. I was hoping to at least see all the registered members and posts, but I'm not seeing anything except a handful of errors. What do I need to to? (outside of upgrading my live site, which I don't want to do for obvious reasons)
  15. /forums/forum

    So.... is this a bug or is it working as intended? Whatever the case, it needs to be addressed. I just need to know if to report it to the bug tracker or not.