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Editor: Embedding content and empty line breaks

Kirill N

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I understand that it's not possible to switch to a different editor at the moment, but I have to bring up the biggest (in my opinion) advantage of Redactor over Ckeditor. When you post a link to a photo or video in Redactor, it embeds immediately, so fast that you don't even see the link. In Ckeditor, however, you need to hit Enter for the link to turn into embedded content, and even if you do, it doesn't work half of the time and users are confused as to whether they need to wait for another minutre, or hit Enter until it finally embeds, or reload the page. Hitting Enter is the most popular option though this is why a good number of posts on my site end up looking like this:


So my suggestion is either:

a) Do something about the editor so that it embeds stuff like Redactor.

b) If possible, have it detect empty like breaks and remove them.


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I think first we need to wait for this change that Invision will make in a very short time(1 month at most):

  • Editor enhancements including native quote ability to remove annoyances dealing with quotes, we now use DIV rather than IFRAME mode for faster loading, and mobile experience is also greatly improved.

Lets see how CKEditor works with DIV instead of Iframe. @Charles also told us that if even with this modification, CKEditor continues to work bad, they will think of moving to a different editor.

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