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Custom Display Options (Blocks)


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So I was happening through trying to re-add one of my blocks (I used to have a completely custom sidebar) when I realized that I cannot have some of my features back as easily as they should be. This ties in with my previous request where I'm looking for page variables to be passed into blocks:

I have used (quite a many times) contextual blocks that display based on certain aspects of either the end user or the page itself.

For example, if a topic is locked I want to display a message that tells the member reading it that if they are interested in the subject to create a new topic. Now that I can't get page variables into the block unless I manually edit the page (which I am not sure I want to do at this time since I really appreciate the flexibility of the widgets feature) and I can't easily edit the block, I have to directly implement it into the page. I'm sure once I figure widgets out I can make custom widgets to suffice this but it would be nice (at least in the back end or as a second tab on the main widget itself) to be able to have contextual display options.


  • Display if content (Closed, pinned, featured etc) when in the topic page or a gallery image etc.
  • Display if date is....

Really the big one is the first one but being able to pull variables from the page is the important thing for me and since I can't do that with widgets it's making my life difficult

I know I can do the member group ones on the back end in pages app so I'm good with that.

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