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Upgrading is very frustrating

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My upgrade to 4.0.0 was a disaster.  I have been holding out for what was hopefully a stable release,  I'd have support do the upgrade, but I suspect they are very busy with all of the errors people continue to get.  Plus, they make you verify that you backed everything up and then they'll do your upgrade for you, I believe in a day or two.  How do people manage that?  Do you take your site offline until support is done?  That doesn't seems feasible.

Anyhow, I got the files from the link in my ACP.  Then I got this error will upgrading:


Now I'm uploading the whole package from the site, if that fails too I'll have to restore from my backups, then I guess wait for 4.0.7?

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A ticket should solve that, get one in in case no one is able to help.

I'm waiting until it is community stable, I see people with issues but others upgrade just fine. The crashes seem to happen depending on what version you are upgrading from, if from one of the 4 versions you may have issues, if from 3 it looks smoother but I am still waiting. 4.1 (or 4.1.1.a) probably. ;)

Good luck!

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That didn't work either.  Trying to restore now.

I understand about not upgrading too soon and I learned my lesson from 4.0.0.

With the 3 series, I never had these issues, and I read dozens of posts of people having issues trying to upgrade, and even more for people who have upgraded.  My site is still experiencing some performance issues and there have been many bugs fixes, some of which I am experiencing.  Charles recomended always upgrading to the latest version, if only the product were stable enough to do that.

What a mess.

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