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Core Search Index - MyISAM or InnoDB?


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I use Innodb for my Database cause i get a lot more performance with it.
But with the new table core_search_index that IPS4 uses for the Search Engine, im in doubt whether i choose MyISAM or Innodb.

A search only requires read statments, and i think MyISAM is stronger than Innodb in that department... But what happens if many people makes posts at the same time? Will the board writes all of them immediately to the index table and it could cause Table Locks? Or it will only write to the posts tables, and later will write to the index table using the background process's?

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I use Sphinx with IPB 3.4, and there is a huge difference to mysql search. But i tested in IPS4 both and i don't see any difference in terms of results and speed. So i don't think i will gain anything having one more service running in the background.

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