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Upload image for Article, wrong URL path?

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I installed ipContent and added an image to the site using the upload button, when I go to the article it shows an X because the path is wrong.


It's says it should be at:


but in reality it's actually putting it the image in:


How do I correct it so the site shows the image to the uploads folder?


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I looked at my settings and they are correct.

Website is: silverinvestors.co

If you go to the site and above the title you can right click it and view background image, it will dispaly the wrong URL but if you add

"/uploads/" after the .com it image will work.

the folder is 777 as well.




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Negative, the problem always seems to be there in 4.0.6 , at least , we see on IP.page


It is fixed. I updated last night and then it didn't work. I cleaned cache but that didn't help. However few hours ago i uploaded image and now it is working. Check juoksufoorumi.fi Perhaps @Matt could explaine why it take time before it start to work.

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Il est fixé. Je mis à jour la nuit dernière et il n'a pas fonctionné. Je nettoyais cache, mais cela n'a pas aidé. Cependant il ya quelques heures i téléchargé l'image et maintenant il travaille. Vérifiez juoksufoorumi.fi Peut-être @ Matt  pourrait explaine pourquoi il faudra du temps avant de commencer à travailler.

For my part, I applied the , and I always this bug on my gate.
Its been two days since I chat with the support of the problem that make them possible, and 3 that I apply patches , and each time , its the rule to a precise location, but not everywhere.

I think I have reached the limit of my patience ...
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Well someone message me, because on my page I have the $10 article mod and it shows big on my homepage but when I click into the article the same image is supposed to be bigger on the top portion but it's just white, wrong URL destination. I will pay someone to help me correct this.

Message me.

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