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  1. Oh the preview of that navbar still showed it on the old position. It changes to the top via that plugin? Edit: just installed the plugin but it doesnt show up on top like @newbie LAC showed. How do I get it like that?
  2. Thanks Ralf! But I'd like the navbar to show up on top of the page, too.
  3. I would like to have my navigation bar on top of the page and to have it stay there, even when scrolling. http://www.gagadaily.com is a fine example of how it should work. Does anyone know how to realize this?
  4. Cheers Ralf. I've installed MAMP on my Mac and will use that environment for testing. That works the same right?
  5. I just tried to install a second IPB package on my server, but I can only use my license once. Is it not possible to install a second package for testing purposes?
  6. Thanks @Ralf Herrmann! Would it be better to just install a new theme on my existing IPB setup? I am planning on adding database templates and don't want anything to mess up my current installation.
  7. I have launched my website recently, but would like to keep developing themes on a second IPB installation. However, I only have one MySQL database I can use. Is it possible to install a second IPB package in the same MySQL db as I am using for my live site? Thx!
  8. Is it possible to automatically post a tweet or message on Facebook when a new record gets added to my website? Cheers!
  9. Whenever I publish new records on my website, they will automatically show up in a specific forum too. However, I also allow my visitors to publish records through the "Create" option on top of the page. These new records are moderated by the staff before they are published, but by doing so they do not show up as a post in the forum as well. Is this a bug or am I missing something? http://www.ajaxdaily.com is my site.
  10. I tried clearing the cache but to no avail. Is there a solution for this?
  11. I have a block on top of my page which is showing announcements. I never put it there, it's been there since I installed the suite. I've removed it multiple times, but after refreshing the page it'll still be there. How do I get this announcements block removed permanently?
  12. It seems like the IPB package contains flags of all nations. I'd like to show these in front of usernames. Could I do that?
  13. Thank you, kind sir. That worked like a charm!
  14. I've now put data-ipstruncate-size="1 lines" in the div that contains the title, but that didn't work..
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