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  1. Version 4.5 installed, very good job! Will badges be available again on forum topics?
  2. It should not work then, it is activated "permanently" on our forum and yet they are not stored locally. For example, I post this image: And when I right click on it and open the image in a new tab, the url posted by the member is displayed. What we would like is for this image to be automatically uploaded to our server and the link replaced by an internal link. P.S: Sorry for my English, I go by google translate
  3. Hello, I am migrating old BBcode from a forum over 14 years old and I realize that over time a large number of images hosted outside the site are no longer available. Is it possible to avoid this problem, to have an option in an IPB which ensures that external images are automatically copied and hosted on our own server? Regards,
  4. Thank 🙂 If you need testers, don't hesitate, we are working on your theme with version 4.5 on our development forum.
  5. Hello, We are currently using your theme and are preparing for an update to IPB 4.5 once available. We are working on a test site for this new version, do you think that a beta version of this theme will be available for 4.5 before the official release of it? Thank you
  6. Hello, Usually I do not ask, but is it possible to get a trial version before purchase to see if the application meets our needs? Thanking you 🙂
  7. Hello, excuse me in advance for my English, I go directly through Google translation. We developed a similar application a few months ago, but on a website external to IPB. For lack of time of everything recommeded, we did not integrate it on IPB, and when we saw yours, we bought it! We would nevertheless have two ideas for improving the script: -Possibility to disable the Timer. - Possibility to add a field in the results to give an explanation. Cordially;
  8. Hello, really good stuff But the notification system doesn't work with me, the PM is well received but no notifcation appears.
  9. http://fallout-generation.com/ - French forum
  10. Sorry for the late reply. But for us, it does not always work .... Sincerely, Kims
  11. can revive you about the bug that prevents your mod run correctly once the sidebar off the forum. We are still awaiting a response from you. Sincerely, Kims
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