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  1. I just installed Tapatalk on our forum, I never really took the time to look there. And bah it turns out that it is more suitable (in my opinion) than that of ipb.
  2. Hello ! Today we have an endpoint to get all records from a database with the Rest API : /cms/records/{database_id} Some usefull parameters are available, to get records from a catagory, or to sort by a default field. But there is some lack. It could be very nice to allow the Rest API users to do more things : To filter the records according to a default field (even if we can use the core search endpoint, but which is limited to title/content) and for custom/complex fields . To sort by a custom field This kind of filtering probably already exists in IPB, because we can add filters in IP Boards databases, with requests like : ipboard.com/games/?advanced_search_submitted=1&&csrfKey=XXX&content_field_54[1]=RPG&&sortby=record_publish_date&sortdirection=desc&record_type=all&time_frame=show_all What do you thinkg about it ? Thank you !
  3. In my case I only see two explanations for this error on my forum: The suppression of the raffle. A raffle which has more prizes than participants. Kims
  4. Do you plan to make it a plugin or an application? Saving time could be interesting!
  5. Hello, On the page: https://fallout-generation.com/trophies/ We still have display problems (same problem in profiles) And in additional action, "replace trophy" always generates an error: On the other hand, the errors in the logs related to the calls for the trophy are they resolved, a big thank you!
  6. Hello, Does the latest version fix bugs for you? For me, nothing has changed ... Glad to see the author showing signs of life nonetheless!
  7. After trying goals, it's an excellent application but I encountered some bugs on the "milestone" goals : The goals are validated several times for the members (at least for the shop and the reputation) Goals generate multiple chain tasks on the same goals (I had more than 30 before deactivation) Even disabled the goals seem to work and generate tasks. Here are some illustrative images, they are milestone goals : No worries for regular goals for the moment :)
  8. Good news ! Can you share your fixes while the author reappears? It would be great 🙂
  9. Hello, For goals, I don't think I understood how it works ... When we select two parameters, for example creating a subject of three messages, the system will validate the goals if both are achieved or if one of the two is achieved?
  10. Hello, Oh thank you ! If the covid was not there I would kiss you: D Little stress for nothing 🙂
  11. Hello, I just opened a ticket because we have encountered a problem since this morning (everything worked yesterday) it seems that our license key is no longer recognized even though we are up to date with payments. When we try to update the license information, this message is displayed " The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information." and replacing it, ipb tells us that it does not exist? Similar problems today? Does IPB verify the license key on a particular port of the server? Thank you Kims
  12. Sorry for the lack of precision 🙂 This message is displayed in the profile of a member who won a raffle 🙂
  13. I think it's time to mention someone from the team like @Matt so that the sale of this application is put on hold for a fix, see that we are reimbursed if @Fosters does not appear.
  14. Hello We encounter an error when a member has won a raffle, a 404 error is displayed: The information email also seems badly formatted in the title It even persists by disabling the trophy application that is causing concern: Kims
    This add-on could be great if only the current version wasn't buggy and the author patched the issues. The last version dates from September, almost 4 months, while some bugs prevent the creation of forum / gallery categories, ect ... I would revise my rating up once these issues are resolved .... I do not understand that invision left a version so problematic ...
  15. Hello, Same problem on our side ... kims
  16. Hello, Despite the option checked ", the gifts are not displayed in the messages, do you have a solution to this problem? Regards, Kims
  17. Hello, It seems that administrators with us are not debited for the number of points when purchasing an item. Anyone having this problem and how is it possible to fix it? Thanking you; Regards, Kims
  18. Version 4.5 installed, very good job! Will badges be available again on forum topics?
  19. It should not work then, it is activated "permanently" on our forum and yet they are not stored locally. For example, I post this image: And when I right click on it and open the image in a new tab, the url posted by the member is displayed. What we would like is for this image to be automatically uploaded to our server and the link replaced by an internal link. P.S: Sorry for my English, I go by google translate
  20. Hello, I am migrating old BBcode from a forum over 14 years old and I realize that over time a large number of images hosted outside the site are no longer available. Is it possible to avoid this problem, to have an option in an IPB which ensures that external images are automatically copied and hosted on our own server? Regards,
  21. Thank 🙂 If you need testers, don't hesitate, we are working on your theme with version 4.5 on our development forum.
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